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Задание 4 № 493

Вы услы­ши­те раз­го­вор двух дру­зей. вы­бе­ри­те цифру 1, 2 или 3, со­от­вет­ству­ю­щую вы­бран­но­му вами ва­ри­ан­ту от­ве­та. Вы услы­ши­те за­пись два­жды.


Вос­поль­зуй­тесь пле­е­ром, чтобы про­слу­шать за­пись.


Jane believes that the aerobics class helps her


1) lose weight.

2) make new friends.

3) feel energetic.


Рас­шиф­ров­ка за­пи­си

- Hi Jane.
- Oh, hi, Alan! It’s very cold today, isn’t it?
- Yes, Frankie and I wanted to stay at home, but naturally my dog wants his walk every day and in any weather. And where are you head to, on Sunday and so early?
- To the gym. I’ve got my aerobics classes at the weekends.
- I would do it week days.
- I would too, but the gym is packed and the only class they could find for me is at 8 o'clock on Saturdays and at 7.30 on Sundays.
- Oh, is it really so good for your health that you prefer it to an extra hour of sleep?
- It’s not for my health actually. If I miss the class and sleep late I feel sort of depressed and unhappy during the whole day. But an hour of aerobics in the morning makes me feel recharged and full of energy and something in this lines.
- I see. Are there many people in your class?
- 12. They are all nice. But I can’t say I’ve made many friends there.
- It happens.
- They are always talking about how to lose weight and about health diets which I was bored to eat tasteless purge and boiled vegetables.
- It’s because you don’t have any problems with your weight.
- Probably. I never stayed at any diet and I never calculate my calories I adore chocolates and creamy cakes and can never resist them.
- Neither can I.
- The only thing I avoid is fast food like chips and hamburgers. I just don’t like them.
- I see. Unfortunately it’s not easy for me to avoid them. When I work on the computer I usually get very hungry and eat lots of chips and pop corn. And I’m always on my computer as I plan to go to the faculty of information technology.
- I see. I spend a lot of time on my computer too. I'm going to try to get into journalism.
- Really?
- Yeah. I enjoy writing about what’s happening around. The news and reports on events. One of my reports was about my aerobics coach. She is a remarkable woman and wonderful teacher too.
- I never write about anything but I like watching news and documentaries on TV.
- I watch only documentaries. Actually I have no time for melodramas, detectives, endless serials and so on. I sometimes watch animated films with my sister. But it’s only because she likes cartoons very much.
- And have your marks been published anywhere?
- Yes. In a local news paper and I am actually planning to work for them next year.
- Aren’t you going to stay at school for 2 more years to get ready for you’re A level exams.
- I want to understand what real work is and what’s about A levels I’ll prepare for them on my own. I plan to take them in 2 or 3 years anyway. When I decide what university to choose.

It makes me feel recharged and full of energy....


Пра­виль­ный ответ ука­зан под но­ме­ром 3.

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