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Вы услышите разговор двух друзей. выберите цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.



Why is Andrew going to Greece?


1)  To take a language course.

2)  To visit a relative.

3)  To see the sights.

Расшифровка записи

- Andrew, what a surprise! What are you doing at the airport?

- Jane? Oh, hi. I’m flying to Greece.

- And I have just returned from Italy. I did an Italian course there and we certainly saw a lot of tourist attractions.

- Lucky you. I don’t think I’ll manage to see any tourist attraction in Athens. Going to my grandmother’s. And you?

- Yeah, she is living in Athens for many years but now it’s going to be difficult for here to live on her own, so she’s moving to London to be closer to the family. I’m going there to help her pack and move house.

- I see. But anyway, the change of surroundings is always nice.

- Right. But I’m may be in risk to be stuck in this airport for hours. The flight is delayed.

- What’s wrong? Problems with the plane?

- No, the plane is all right, it’s just raining hard in Athens and we are waiting the situation to improve. But the forecast it’s not very promising.

- Anyway, it’s better to wait than to take a risk. I’m awfully afraid of flying and go by train whenever possible.

- I think anyone can avoid flying nowadays. And you know, plane is more safe than a coach or a car. The statistic say so.

- Do they?

- Yes. And if I have a choice I always choose plane.

- Really? You often fly to Greece, don’t you?

- Yes. We spent there every summer of the last 7 years. My mother is a teacher and she always has holydays in summer. She, my sister and I go to the Greek coast.

- I do envy you.

- Yes, it’s been really great. We’ve travelled the whole country and we’ve seen all the historical significant places. Mom always insisted we went on guided excursions as the guide can taught you lost of fascinating stories about ancient and modern Greece.

- I bet they can. Have you been to any other countries?

- Yes, but not many: France … and that’s all actually. We are planning to visit Italy next summer.

- Oh, you won’t regret that. It’s a wonderful country. The architecture, the cuisine and the language are all just beautiful.

- I can’t say word on Italian.

- Never mind. Italians are very friendly and communicative. They don’t mind if your expressions will be in body language. What language do you learn at school?

- French. I chose it because it sounds beautiful to me. And probably because my other grandmother is French.

- Oh, ok.

- Next summer I’m going to take a Spanish course in a language school.

- Why Spanish? A Spanish relative too?

- No, it’s spoken in lots of countries, so It would be useful for my future career, I think.