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Norah is going to study on the faculty

Расшифровка записи

Norah: Hi, Simon! Have you been waiting long?

Simon: Hi Norah, yeah, pretty long but don’t worry. I understand. You live far from here.

Norah: Yeah. It’s you who is lucky. You live close to the centre. Very close to the zoo.

Simon: Yeah, it’s nice here. Very green, a good park and a pond. You shouldn’t complain. You live in a good area too near the central city stadium.

Norah: It doesn’t mean to much for me, you know. I’ve never done any sports. Sport isn’t for me. I’m going to study on the drama faculty.

Simon: Right, but if you want to be an actress, you need to be very fit. It’s not easy to perform on the stage for several hours.

Norah: Yes, you’ve got a point, but still it’s more important to be able to sing and dance.

Simon: And that’s why you don’t worry too much about your science grades?

Norah: Right. Neither maths or physics are my favourites. Anyway, let’s go! You wanted to show me the zoo, didn’t you? Do we need to buy tickets?

Simon: I’ve already bought them.

Norah: Oh, how much do I owe you?

Simon: Nothing. It’s not much: they have the half prize for school students.

Norah: Ok, then I’ll buy us some coke.

Simon: That’s ok. And we can have a lunch right in the zoo itself! There is a nice café in there, called “the goldfish”.

Norah: Good idea.

Simon: They decorate all their dishes with a little goldfish.

Norah: Funny. And do they have any vegetarian dishes? I don’t eat meat.

Simon: Yeah, sure. They’ve got salads and soups and everything. But I’d recommend a pizza. Shall we share one?

Norah: That’s a good idea. I never mind having a pizza. With cheese and mushrooms, Yummy!

Simon: Ok. But it’s time to go. I’m worried if we see all the animals. The zoo is huge. I suggest we start with the dangerous animals: the lions and tigers.

Norah: Oh no, let’s start with the monkeys. They are so funny and cute. I really want to see them.

Simon: Ok, let’s start with the monkeys then. Let me see the map. Where they are? Hmm… Somewhere here. You should go through the main gate, pass the pond and here they are. Just between the birds territory and the pool for the dolphins.

Norah: Excellent.

Simon: Unfortunately the pool is under the reconstruction at the moment, so we’ll not be able to see the marine animals.

Norah: Never mind, let’s go.